Safeguarding in nurseries

Safeguarding in nurseries

Keeping children safe in childcare settings is a vitally important duty. This includes protecting them from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Given the high profile of recent cases, investigations into historic abuse and intense public scrutiny, it is no surprise that safeguarding remains a significant concern for nurseries.

Central to this, are the staff who need to play an essential role in protecting children. They have regular contact with them so are in a strong position to identify signs of abuse and neglect.

It can be a challenging area to get right. This is not just because effective strategies are dependent on fostering a safe, trusting and supportive culture. But also, the nature of abuse and awareness of it is constantly evolving. For example, advances in and accessibility to technology coupled with the normalisation of social media platforms has increased the potential for abuse.

It is essential then that safeguarding practices keep pace with these changes in this fast developing area. This calls for strong leadership, empowered staff who are properly trained and an environment where people feel confident in reporting any concern. To support this, robust safeguarding procedures are key. Obviously, these should provide the necessary framework and detailed arrangements to maintain a safe environment. Ensuring these arrangements are adequately implemented to reflect current statutory guidance and best practice is a good first-step.

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